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Another Bookmark App!?

But it is a super lean bookmarking app with 5 powerful features!

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Feature #1: Organize Like a Pro.

Tagging feature screenshot

Feature #2: Really Intuitive Search.

Search feature screenshot

Feature #3: Beautiful Cards.

Have you already noticed the brands in the pictures?
(Bookmark.cards is not affiliated with the brands in any way. It is just a beauty thingy.)

brand name image feature screenshot

Feature #4: Your Bookmarks. Your Data.

privacy friendly due to secure storage and export function

Feature #5: This And That.

Built With Core Values:


Your data is virtually unhackable since no database is used.


No personal activity tracking or ads! You own the data.

Open Source

Transparency creates trust. Check out the code at GitHub.


No bloat.
Just bookmarks.

And finally easy Pricing

... hopefully


0€ / month

Check if Bookmark.cards
is the right tool for you
with 24 bookmarks.


10€ / year

You like Bookmark.cards? Awesome!
(You can switch your plan interval after monthly initialisation.)